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Motivation Perils & More Experimenting With 3D

General / 15 February 2019

It has been a difficult few weeks. Despite continuing to draw and paint and experiment just for myself I've found I'm back, at least mentally, to where I was at the start of the year. Instead of recapturing the fun I think it might just be leaving me more directionless than ever. I really don't know what to make of it. Reading about the layoffs at Blizzard and the tweets that followed from those affected was quite the capstone to it all as well.

I wouldn't go so far as to say Blizzard was the dream for me, like it was for a lot of those unfortunate folks, as I've never had a set endgame in mind. I was hardly a super fan but I enjoyed a few of their games and, to a younger me, they definitely felt like something to aim for or to aspire to. Nevertheless I find myself sat here now having what I had begun to feel towards the end of last year reinforced in a way; The industry has changed from what I grew up with. I know layoffs are commonplace, that's nothing new. But if it just becomes another workplace where you have to worry about whether you'll have a job if profits aren't all they could be then that feels like it really shits on what it meant to me to work in it. And I have to wonder if anyone left in it will be honestly having fun making games at that point.

I don't know. I'm not sure it's really something I can fully form an opinion on with so little experience but it is deeply concerning and certainly has not helped my overall motivation lately. 

Anyway! Let's hop off of that before I wade too deep into something I don't fully understand and make a fool of myself.

Despite all the muddled up indecision going on in my noggin' I did experiment a bit further with Unreal. Before you wonder how I went from a bunch of crap grey blocks to this be aware I didn't make any of these assets or materials, they were free on the store. It's a mix of two packs.

I based it on this WIP from last time as the assets seemed to fit it pretty well overall.

It was an interesting endeavour but one that felt like it was taking its toll on my PC towards the end, no doubt because of something I did or did not do. So this is probably as far as I'll take it for now. I'd like to learn how to create my own assets and materials before looking to do it again. There was a few times where the assets weren't really there to create what I wanted (couldn't really find a great match for a sand material for instance) so I just had to make do or try and combine them in odd ways I don't think they were intended for. Plus I think it would be more gratifying to have at least one thing in there that you made yourself. The texture scaling is way off in some places and there's a lot to learn about lighting I feel too. Despite following some youtube guides I couldn't really seem to make much of a difference to how harsh the shadows looked. It works well enough for a hot, dry area as it is but I think if the area was anything else it would look quite right or set the wrong mood. 

Still for a first delve in to it I'm pretty pleased with what I'm taking away. 

Huge respect to anyone who's entered the 3D parts of the artstation challenges. Especially to the few of you who used my concepts. I'll definitely be more mindful of what you're working with if I enter any in the future. 

That's about it for now. Thanks for stopping by this week if you've stuck around.

And I'll see you soon?