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Experimenting with 3D

Work In Progress / 01 February 2019

Hey folks!

It's been a quiet few weeks since my last update. I've really just been tinkering with a few things. First I've been trying to put the finishing touches on the Worgen Mage picture I talked about at the start of January. Incidentally, damn that month just disappeared for me! Everyone else I know has been complaining it felt like a year all by itself but I couldn't disagree more! I honestly don't know where it went! D=

Anyway he had to respec Arcane because I couldn't really get the snow working the way I wanted. I'm going to let it rest for a few weeks before coming back to have another look at it (Something I really like to advocate when you have the luxury of being able to do it). You really do just stop seeing mistakes and areas of improvement when you've been looking at something too long. 

Otherwise I've just been tinkering with incorporating a bit of 3D into my workflow. It's something I noticed several artists doing in the art challenges here on artstation and I have to say I'm really quite warming to it. At the moment I've only experimented with plopping down basic shapes to create a scene in Unreal 4, taking a screenshot and then painting over the top of it. I think the results have been a little mixed so far but it's very freeing to have all the perspective worked out, be able to move the camera around freely and be able to adjust the lighting on the fly. Excuse the crudeness of some of these, I'm still very much a novice at Unreal 4 and need to watch some more tutorials on certain things. 





Number four really ended up ignoring the base the most. It was also the first one I tried though. Number one is the most recent attempt. 

So far, finding the right balance between trying not to be over influenced by the 3D base, photobashing and painting has been the tricky part. Or, to look at it another way, actually feeling like I'm designing something/telling a story and not just painted a pretty picture. One and two were done with my personal project in mind so perhaps that's also played into to why I've warmed to them more.

Well that's about it for now. 

Thanks for stopping by and, as ever, I'll see you soon!?