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A Difficult Year

General / 27 December 2019

Hey folks!

It's been awhile.

I just wanted to put a quick end of year post out to thank everyone that has stopped by, left messages/comments and maybe purchased something of mine from the store. I hope it has been useful if you did! There's now around 450 more of you since the beginning of the year as well so welcome to the fandom I guess? I'm not sure if such a term really applies. Either way, it's nice to know people are looking. It's tough to really get eyes on your work these days with so much talent out there. 

It has been a tough year for me. I was fighting some pretty hard burn out at the start of the year and then a family member was taken ill and sadly passed away in the late summer which caused, and continues to cause (for reasons I won't go in to), a lot of disruption at home. Some work I had on at the time also didn't pan out which came as a blow, as I had rejected other offers to try and focus on it. This only served to bring everything together in such a way that I felt I needed to simply step away. The eagle eyed among you might have noticed I changed my status from freelance to something a bit more ambiguous around this time to ward away further job offers. Which, thankfully, did work and I'm finally feeling a bit more recharged now.

So it does mean a lot to me to still see the follower count growing despite having posted so little. It was also great to see such nice comments on the recent King Arthur Challenge. It was all happening at a time where I was probably the least focused I've ever been and found myself hovering over that 'retiring from the challenge' button several times. In the end though, it proved to be a lifeline to a tiny bit of normality that I needed more than I realised. So, again, a big, big thank you to everyone and the handful that took it into the 3D phase. It was great to see the different approaches to it unfolding.

As for next year, I've not been completely idle. I've mostly been working on a personal project in the background, if only to keep busy. And, naturally, it has grown into something stupidly ambitious as these things do when you've too much time to think. Hopefully I'll be reigning it in a little and showing that off a bit more. I'm also using it to be a bit more experimental with some techniques though so it might take awhile before finals to start appearing.

I might look at trying to stream or at least record my workflow in the new year too. I'm not a very confident person though and I'm not sure there would really be much interest in it so I'm on the fence. Like this blog, it's likely a commitment I couldn't realistically keep up any real schedule with. However, I've noticed a lot of the people that follow me are beginners, so you guys would have to let me know if something like that would be of any use to you. I don't know when or if I'll return to being available full time freelance yet. I'm not completely ready. I will, as always, continue to consider any opportunities sent my way and do my best to answer any queries you might have though.

Anyway, that's quite enough. I'll leave you with something a little different of mine from that personal project, making good on the idea to share some of my music here by the end of the year too! (Just about xD)

Hope you all have a brilliant New Year and I'll see you...soon!?