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Personal Project

Work In Progress / 18 January 2019

So this week I found myself wandering back to try and finish up some stuff for a personal project that I started last year. Fear not, I’ve not abandoned the Worgen Mage from last time. The plan is to go back to him, make it as good as it can be and put him alongside the Tauren Sunwalker from some time ago as a small series of paintings.

Varying what I work on seems to be working for me for the moment though and this attempt at a recovery is supposed to be about just focusing on what I want to do so that’s how it’s going to be. It is extremely rare to be allowed to actually post about actual work anyway.  Expect a work in progress folder full of stuff that I may or may not return to.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about and reiterating on my personal project since around 2015. I’m not particularly in any rush with it and I don’t mind if it never comes to anything. I guess it’s just really another hobby but one with a touch of catharsis to it. So I guess a natural starting point considering where I’m at. And already I’m going off on a tangent!

I’ve recently merged it with another idea I had as I was struggling with giving the protagonists any real depth and it felt like there was room to sub them in. This, in turn, changed a few characters and also added some new ones. Not massively but enough to make me want to revisit the work. I can’t really get into everything here as the lore surrounding the world is pretty extensive at this point and completely open to changes.


After finishing up General Morris, the focus was mainly around updating these guys. They were really the catalyst for the whole idea and came from a concept I did locally for a small demo right back in 2014. Originally they were called the Warg and were pretty much techno werewolves.

The more I developed the lore though the more they actually fell by the wayside. I updated their look a bit in 2016 as they had changed to soldier pawns by that point.

Then the idea changed again and the werewolf influence really didn’t fit anymore, it felt too juvenile given the context and didn’t match the tone I wanted. I experimented with this guy in the same year and got an ok concept out of it...

...but I was never really happy with it. It still felt like it was clinging to origins that didn’t apply anymore. So I took another look at the idea again last year. Recently, with merging the two ideas, they’ve taken on a new identity while still having some recognisable parts from those early days.

At the moment they’re back to being a race, this time called the Rhax. They’re a touch Borg in that their consciousness is linked. They’re a touch Venom in so much as that the sentient tech forms a symbiosis with a biological host. They’re not interested in creating a giant collective and assimilation of all species however and there is no switching between forms.

I’m still working on them and while I’m happier at the moment than I’ve ever been with them, I’m not sure if the concepts go far enough just yet. I think they could probably stand to be even more experimental in their design. But I think the lore is finally settled or at least settling. Anyway, they’re always really interesting to come back to, and painting that black, ‘Vader-esque’ armour is always pretty satisfying.

Well that’s about it for the past week or so. I think I’ll aim to get new blog posts up on a Friday from here on out. They might not be weekly. I hadn’t planned any kind of schedule for this as it’ll depend how things go, but it feels like a good way to round out a week all the same.

See you soon?!