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Uncertain Times

General / 02 April 2020

Hello folks,

I guess at the core of it this is a heads up that I may be unsubscribing from Artstation Pro for a little while and my portfolio may look a bit different after this month. I wanted to ensure you that I'm not turning my back on the website or giving up on art or anything. I will likely just need some time to get my finances in order.

This is because a week ago today my mother passed away suddenly from an aneurysm that caused a massive stroke. It was completely out of the blue and totally unexpected. Having been present at the time, seeing her go like that has taken its toll on me but she was a wonderful woman and she gave me and siblings a great life and great memories to hold on to. So I know in time that we will heal.

It has, however, come at a very unfortunate time. Especially with the pandemic wreaking havoc across the world. Having been her carer for few years now a fair amount of my income was also tied up in the government aid I received for being unable to work full time while also caring for her. While I was still able to make a small amount of money from commissions and freelance work I could never commit to larger projects and keep looking after her, nor was I offered enough work to go full time anyway. Now with that aid going away and any replacement I might get weeks, if not months, away and a funeral to pay for it's going to be stretching my savings to the limit.

It goes without saying that any support you can drop my way by purchasing something from my store would obviously be greatly appreciated during this time. HOWEVER.

I'm not asking for charity or hand outs. Nor do I want that. 

I expect most of us face a very uncertain future with our finances right now and I would much rather people save their money if they need to. Buying art prints or hiring an artist to work on something no doubt seems completely frivolous at the moment. If my pro sub drops though my visibility on the site does go down in some respects so just the act of passing my name and portfolio on to anyone you think might have an interest in my work (now or in the future) would be a massive help. Perhaps more so than anything else.

Naturally, I'm not feeling particularly up to working on anything right this second but I will of course still be posting work and prints/products on here in the future. I lose access to the blog without pro though so I may not be able to give any longer form updates to talk about what's going on with me and my availability. It's a shame so much is being tied to the sub now but it is what is. You can always reach me by email and through twitter if needed. There are always links to that on the basic Artstation portfolio page everyone gets for free.

For now though, here's some stuff I've been working on behind the scenes. I was hoping to get some of this out sooner but no doubt you can likely expect to see it finished off in the future now. I'm still working on my personal project and I was even starting to learn Blender (which I got very invested in) before life decided it was being a bit too kind I guess. So plenty to look forward to.

See you soon everyone, stay safe!